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         Solar Terrestrial Activity Report - DXLC, Norway
         OSCAR 40 - Updates from AMSAT News
         Hurricane Michelle Report 10-Nov-01
         Report on the X14 Solar Flare of 15-Apr-01
         X22: Biggest Solar Flare on Record - 02-Apr-01
         Radiation Storm: Massive Flare - 14-Jul-00
         Comparison: Solar cycles 21,22,23
         Comparison: Solar cycles 10,13,17,20,23
         Solar Activity: Jan-96 - Apr-99
         Solar Cycle 23 Forecast  
         Magnetogram image from Kitt Peak, AZ 8-Sep-98
         Image from Catania observatory, Italy 5-Sep-98
         HERE COMES THE SUN!  5-Sep-98
         The Solar Eclipse of 26-Feb-98
         The Solar Numbers

         The DCTL Antenna
         Arnie's Simplest-to-Build Antenna Tuner
         Easy-to-build PI-Network Antenna Tuner
         Arnie's Expanded Scale Voltmeter
         Regen Receiver Using Q-Multiplier Principle
         The Ultra-Simple Transmitter
         The Desert Ratt 3 Regenerative Receiver
         STREAM - MFSK16 digital communication, Feb 2001
         PSK31 v1.08 - NEW VERSION, June 2000
         PSK31 v1.06 keyboard-to-keyboard communication
         Meteor-Detection with Radio
         Turn your TV set into a Meteor Detector!
         MINI LOOP Antenna for Hand Held Transceivers
         Coaxial Line RF Choke for your antenna system
         Zipptenuator: resistive voltage divider attentuator
         The Islander: Easy-to-build single-band transceiver
         A Compact Quad CB Antenna for 27 mHz, Part 1
         A Compact Quad CB Antenna for 27 mHz, Part 2
         Arnie Coro's "Broomstick Special" Antenna, Part 1
         Arnie Coro's "Broomstick Special" Antenna, Part 2
         G3JVL 5/8 6M Vertical Antenna
         A 5/8 Vertical Antenna for 50 MHz
         TTFD-2 Broadband Antenna
         Antenna Tuners: Are They So Important?
         The Ever-Popular "Inverted L" Antenna

           Science, Technology & Environment Reports

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